Horário das Aulas de Dúvidas

Students that want to attend any of the following office hours must send an email to the corresponding instructor, at least, one day before. Thanks.
  • Bruno Martins (XML and lab-related exercises)
    • Segunda-Feira 11:00 (INESC-ID Alameda - sala 25)
    • Sexta-Feira 16:00 (IST TagusPark - office 2N5.17)
  • Helena Galhardas (Data Integration and Data Cleaning)/ Pável Calado (Information Extraction)
    • Terça-Feira 14:00 (IST Alameda- sala de dúvidas Pavilhão Informática I)
    • Quinta-Feira 11:00 (IST TagusPark - office 2N5.19 or 2N5.15)