Final grade

9 Fevereiro 2012, 12:17 Helena Galhardas

Final grades, after oral evaluations, are on-line.

Please, go to section "Final grade".

Review of 2nd exame and oral evaluation

6 Fevereiro 2012, 13:04 Helena Galhardas

Review of the 2nd exam will take place on 9/2, at 10:00, in room 2.01 (Pavilhão de Informática III).

Oral evaluations will take place in the same day, same room, starting at 11:00.

The exame grades and list of students for oral evaluation are on-line.

Today, exam 2 15H

2 Fevereiro 2012, 15:01 Helena Galhardas

I'm currently waiting at IST entrance for a place to park the car.

If you're reading this announcement, please tell your colleagues to wait for a few minutes at room C9.

I'll be there as soon as possible.

Thanks, Helena Galhardas

Office Hours - tomorrow, tuesday 31/1, recall: new time and new place

30 Janeiro 2012, 13:07 Helena Galhardas

Next tuesday, the 31th January, my office hours will be at 11H30 instead of 14H.

I'll be available at room 2.1, "Informática III" building.

Please, send an email today if you intend to come.

Exam 1 - grading

28 Janeiro 2012, 22:55 Helena Galhardas

Grades of Exam 1 are on-line.

Students can see the correction of exams **next monday, the 30th, 11H**, room "Sala de dúvidas", building "Informática I".