Notes for the 2nd Mini-Test (May, 12)

10 Maio 2021, 17:22 Tânia Rodrigues Pereira Ramos

Dear students,

Here are some notes about the 2nd mini-test:

  • Topics: All Chapters (from 1 to 5), with special focus on Chapter 5
  • You must have your camera and micro turned on
  • The mini-test starts at 2:10 p.m.
  • Duration: 5-10 minutes (to read a case-study) + 60 minutes (to answer to 4 questions about the case-study)
  • At 2:15 I will give information via Zoom Chat about the link to answer to the questions (a GoogleForms link)
  • After you answer to Part 1, you will get a link to Part 2
  • After you answer to Part 2, you will get a link to Part 3
  • After you finish Part 3, you must take a picture of your resolution notes/evidences and upload via Fénix Projects.
Best regards,
Tânia Ramos