Métodos de Avaliação

Students will gather in teams to execute homework problems and a term project report. Each team member is individually responsible for the quality of the work. The homework problems are three or four management cases. The term report is assembled every week by successive integration of a series of parts. Every Monday students will turn in a homework assignment and on Wednesday they will receive it back corrected. Periodically, these parts are integrated into an intermediate report. The last report, or synthesis report, is turned in on the last day of class. A good grade implies turning in all reports. (I do not accept late work, but a clever excuse will get a partial grade).

At the end of the semester, each team will present a brief description of its work to the class. The details of the presentation will be handed out separately. Overall, the presentation and the Q&A session are a chance to demonstrate ability in convincing potential investors about the merit of a solution. The presentation is also a chance to demonstrate the understanding of the engineering construction process.

This subject does not have a final exam, but starting in October there will be a short duration quiz every Monday. The two worst results will not show up in the final grade. Students mayalso be interviewed during and at the end of the semester.

Grades may be curved but will typically include:

  • 50% - quality of the final report: my evaluation criteria not only include meeting specifications but also how knowledge about subject topics was integrated;
  • 30% - short duration written tests in class;
  • 10% - quality of the final presentation;
  • 10% - quality of participation in class.