OR Game: Tips for Assignment 4

25 Março 2019, 18:17 Inês Marques

Dear students,

Regarding Assignment 4:
- It is wise to use all the data (allows using mode inputs and outputs in DEA), however the ranking must be made for the 2019 groups;
- Make sure that you do a proper correlation analysis so you can eliminate some inputs or outputs;
- You want to minimize inputs and maximize outputs. For example, cancellations need to be reworked in a reverse (linear) scale (1/cancellations reverses but is a non linear scale);
- Inputs and outputs must be strictly positive;
- Large numbers should be avoided as input-data for LPs (like DEA).
Additionaly, we decided that the presentation will be submitted only in Assignment 5.

You should use the Feedback and Advice Hours in case you need or want to clarify any issue.
Best regards.
Inês Marques