OR Game: Assignment 4

21 Março 2019, 17:54 Inês Marques

Dear students,

The results for assignment 4 will be made available ASAP, hopefully on Monday at the latest.
You have to work with only the simulation results (inputs and outputs).

The lecture Prof. Erwin Hans on DEA was recorded and will be uploaded on vimeo ASAP. The quality should be much better now as better equipment was used this time. 

Pof. Erwin Hans has arranged a video conferencing room (with a so-called BlueJeans system) for the final lecture with end-presentations. Login-info will be shared as soon as I receive it.

Prof. Erwin Hans asked me if one or two groups would like to record their presentation in say 10 minutes (e.g. with their smartphone), beforehand, to be played during the final lecture. 

Inês Marques