Students Reviews From Previous Courses

8 Fevereiro 2014, 09:12 Tânia Rute Xavier de Matos Pinto-Varela


“The Logistics and Operations Management allowed me to deepen and strengthen my knowledge for Management and Production.

What I liked most in the course was to learn some tools, such as:  ABC analysis, VSM, MPS, MRP, BOM, Kanban etc.

Those tools are used in the industrial world and are of great importance for a proper planning and management of resources before, during and after production. The result from this course was that I started to work in this area. At the moment I am taking my internship in a company where those tool are applied.  


In addition, the analysis and discussion of real cases was very important and interesting because it required some research about the case study and establish some links with the course’s topic, and develop our critical sense.

What i can say more?  This course was the course that I liked more in the entire Engineering course. Beyond that gives us a perspective of manufacturing jobs, enables us to acquire knowledge that are important and essential in any industry in real world.”


Sergio Miguel Rodrigues, MEQ, 2011-2012 



"Logistic and operations management is one of the courses I fully invest my time during my stay as an international student in IST and I found it very interesting  and useful; Specially the course structure was well organized and the way it is given for the students was very participatory, the medium of instruction and all given materials was in English which makes it more interesting"

 Kalekirstos Gebremariam

Msc student in Renewable Energy (RenE)


What I enjoyed the most about the course Logistics Management and Operations was the calculations. They were entirely based on logical reasoning and it was a pleasure to work them out. I learned a lot on how operations and supply could be managed.

On the other hand, a lot of theory consolidated the knowledge alongside the calculations. There was really a lot to read but the theory was explained essentially for the purpose of completeness of the course's objectives.

Finally, there were the working groups (real-case studies) which were really interesting but which could be improved by providing the cases to everybody, rather than only the presentation and discussion groups, so that everybody could participate.

James Kong Win Chang

Student in EIT KIC InnoEnergy Master in Renewable Energy (RenE)