Final Grades

8 Fevereiro 2021, 11:34 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, final grades are published in the grades section.


21 Dezembro 2020, 16:52 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, 

grades are published in the grades section.


15 Dezembro 2020, 15:46 Joana Mendonça

Dear all,

evaluation is done as presented in the first class:
· 4 Weekly Challenges (20%, individual)
· Final Pitch (30%, group)
· Design Thinking Project (50%, in group) 

To evaluate the project you should submit your final file (in power point, pdf or similar format), where it should be clear your design thinking experience and the milestones.
You project should not exceed 25 pages. 

Submission deadline: January 20th (by email or Fenix)

Today's class

13 Outubro 2020, 08:39 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, today's class will be only via zoom as I will not be in campus.

Time of class on Thursdays remains unchanged

7 Outubro 2020, 17:25 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, as there are students who cannot change the schedule for this class, and schedules are centralised and made by the services for each course each semester, our schedule will remain the same on Thursdays: from 10-13.

Thank you all for your help.