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TP lectures on metagenomics

24 Outubro 2018, 13:19 Rodrigo Costa

Dear GFC students,

Tomorrow, after our first lecture on metagenomics, I would like to briefly chat with the groups with TP lectures scheduled on Thursday. Because Thursday 1st of November is a national holiday, we will need to reschedule that lecture. I suggest that the Thursday groups split into two subgroups. One subgroup follows the TP lecture of Wednesday (October 31) and other follows the TP lecture of Friday (November 2).

You guys let me know whether this scheme satisfies everybody. The whole TP lecture runs on on-line servers, so everyone with a lap top computer can follow. We won´t be limited by the nuber of computers available in the room.

See you tomorrow and all the best,


Classes next week 15-19/10/2018

10 Outubro 2018, 17:22

Extra theoretical class and extra practical class (in replacement of the holiday on Friday Oct5th)

4 Outubro 2018, 11:11

Shift registration

20 Setembro 2018, 09:48

Dia17 de Setembro, Dia Internacional do Microrganismo 2018/International Microorganism Day 2018 no Técnico

10 Setembro 2018, 09:50

Corpo Docente

Miguel Nobre Parreira Cacho Teixeira



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Rodrigo Costa