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GFB Online Exam format

9 Junho 2020, 13:08 Miguel Nobre Parreira Cacho Teixeira

Dear students,


GFB exams will take place in the scheduled dates, making use of a Google Form platform. A Google Classroom was created for our course and you are required to become members, upon activating your academic Google account.


Exams will last for 1h30min, with a specific time set for each question. There will be no chance to go back and correct previously given answers. Exams will be conducted during a zoom videoconference and cameras must be on at all times. Students are expected to arrive 15min prior to the beginning of the exam, to make sure everything is ready on time. If someone fails to turn on the camera or shuts is out during the course of the exam, the provided answers will be considered unacceptable and an oral examination will be conducted instead, on the afternoon of the exam’s day, starting at 2pm.


Good luck,

Miguel Teixeira

Computational Biology - extra zoom now

29 Maio 2020, 13:46

Computational Biology - extra zoom (in half an hour!)

28 Maio 2020, 18:15

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics - last class

28 Maio 2020, 00:00

Updated file for the report now available

26 Maio 2020, 11:30

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Miguel Nobre Parreira Cacho Teixeira



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