Final Report, Test and Exam Dates

28 Abril 2020, 09:42 Paulo Alexandre Fernandes Varela Simões Caldas

Good morning dear students,

The final Report of the Group works should be presented (non-presencial sessions sheduled with me) during  last week of May and the first two weeks of June.

Formal delivery ultimate date of the final report: 12nd of June.

The 1st test and exam (non-presencial) is worth 50% of the final grade for the students with group works (of this year and previous years). For those students without group works the test counts 100%.

The test last 60 minutes and contains 20 multiple-choice questions - no discount for wrong answers. 

Final Dates:

. 1st test - 26th of June, 3 p.m.

. Exam (Playoff Season) - 22nd of July, 3 p.m.

Best wishes.

Paulo Caldas