The objective of this laboratory is to perform an energy audit to your house, estimating the different energy services, measuring them when possible, identify possible energy efficiency measures and implement them.


The results of the laboratorial activity can be subbmited until January 6th, 23H59.


The deliverable of the lab consists in filling in the form in this 
Please submitt the file with the model you have developed.If necessary, use the EnergyAudit.xls file template.

Laboratorial Protocol

Please follow the instructions in the file called protocol.


In case you want to use a smart plug to help you in the audit, you can contact Miguel Henriques at a.miguel.henriques@tecnico.ulisboa.pt or at 

Associação Para O Desenvolvimento Do Instituto Superior Tecnico
Av. Manuel da Maia 36, 3ª ESQ1000-189 Lisboa
21 846 1056

(between 9h30 e as 12h)

Additional Info

Please find additional information in the file called EnergyAudit.