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Energy Management Course - General Information

20 Setembro 2017, 09:37 Carlos Augusto Santos Silva

Dear all,
Welcome to the Energy Management Course. This annoucement highlights the most important aspects of the course.
- The course (4.5 ECTS) has a therory class (2 hours) and a problems class (1.5 hours) every week. In general, you can attend the theory class (monday or friday) or the problems class (tuesday  or thursdays) that is more convinient to you.- The course will cover the topics described in the planning Tab in the course website.- Every week, a  new topic is introduced on Friday, it is repeated on Monday and the problems class of Tuesday and Thursday are from that topic. Then on Friday, a new topic starts. This monday  i just did a introduction to the course and the problems classes are covering a review of thermodynamic topics.

- Next Friday (Septemeber 22nd), a new topic will be introduced. Professora Tânia SOusa, who is co-teaching the course with me, will lead the classes.

- The slides from theory classes are available on Theory Classes Tab on the webpage
- The problems classes are available on Problems Classes Tab on the webpage

- Regarding evaluation you have 3 options
A- Full exam in January

B - Participate in the MOOC energy services at IST MOOCS platform (courses.mooc.tecnico.ulisboa.pt) -[you should register using the IST ID]. If you complete the MOOC with success, you only have to do 75% of the exam on january (3 out of 4 questions) and the MOOC grade will count 25%. This is not mandatory. The MOOC covers the topics of week 2, 3 5 and 6. The MOOC satrts on October 9th.

C - Wether you chose option A or B, you can do an additional activity: a Lab in December or participate in the project "Do COntra" and do a small energy audit in your house. These activities may improve the grade of the exam (A or B) in the following way: Grade=0.75 Exam+0.25Activity(lab or audit). These are not mandatory and they can only improve the grade.

Any question, please send an email with the word  "GEne" in the subject and i will be glad to answer. 

I hpe you enjoy the course and please fill free to give suggestions or make comments to improve the course.

best regards

Carlos Silva

Corpo Docente

Carlos Augusto Santos Silva



Tania Alexandra Dos Santos Costa e Sousa