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Exam I Grades - Friday after lunch

22 Janeiro 2018, 10:48 Carlos Augusto Santos Silva

Dear all, 

The exam grades will be available friday afternoon on fenix and I will send an email when i post them.

Regarding the exam, i would like to thank all the comments i got (positive and negative), especially from the representatives of students from MEMEC and MEGE. I ackwlodge that the exam was long and that some questions were not too clear, but as long as you justify your assumptions, it is fine and we are taking it into consideration (and so far, the solutions are in general good)

I will post today the solution for the exam.

I wish you luck for the other exams,
Carlos Silva


16 Janeiro 2018, 15:57

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15 Janeiro 2018, 09:28

Extra class for exam preparation

8 Janeiro 2018, 14:11

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3 Janeiro 2018, 16:06

Corpo Docente

Carlos Augusto Santos Silva



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