Aulas de Problemas

Practical lesson 1

Energy and environmental units. Unit conversion.

Practical lesson 2

The 2000 W society.

Practical lesson 3

Sankey diagrams.

Practical lesson 4

Energy source options for energy users.

Practical lesson 5

Exercises with the Portuguese Energetic Balance.

Practical lesson 6

Block diagrams.

Practical lessons 7


Practical lesson 8

LCA applications.

Practical lesson 9

LCA applications.

Practical lesson 10

Input-Output modelling of energy systems.

Practical lesson 11

Energy in buildings.

Practical lesson 12

Project evaluation examples.

Practical lesson 13

Calculation of energy storage and energy shift scenarios.

Aulas Teóricas

Theoretical lesson 1

Introduction to the course. The dimensions of Energy Sustainability.

Theoretical lesson 2

Architecture of energy systems: from the energy supply to the residential, mobility and industry uses. Energy conversion. Sankey diagrams. The definition of primary and final energy. Examples.

Theoretical lesson 3

Energy tariffs. A consumer perspective on the use of energy.

Theoretical lesson 4

Portuguese Energy Balance. Its structure: energy supply and energy transformation. 

Theoretical lesson 5

Block diagrams. Computing the specific energy consumption in complex transformation systems. Production and treatment operations.

Theoretical lesson 6

SGCIE - Energy audits.

Theoretical lesson 7

LCA - an environmental extension of energy systems modeling.

Theoretical lesson 8

LCA - environmental impacts - Global warming.

Theoretical lesson 9

Environmental impacts of energy options.

Theoretical lesson 10

Input-Output methodologies: Economic and energy systems.

Theoretical lesson 11

Energy in buildings.

Theoretical lesson 12

Energy efficiency as a business opportunity. Project evaluation.

Theoretical lesson 13

The dynamics of energy management.

Theoretical lesson 14

Energy management at IST.