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Students without group

30 Março 2020, 17:18 Vitor Faria e Sousa

Due to this situation some students are being left without group. Please, let me know who is in this situation to see if we can form new groups or you can join existing groups of 2 or 3 elements. To the moment I am aware of the following students in this situation

Igor Oliveira - igorvianna100@gmail.com

Victoire Monat - victoiremonat@gmail.com

Sergi Serrano - 3bsergiserrano@gmail.com

Forgive me if I am missing someone or if some of you already found a solution, but there have been literally hundrends of emails these weeks and my concern has been on providing elements for the classes on time and with a minimum of quality.

Students returning to home countries

24 Março 2020, 15:19

Acesso ao Office 365 / Access to Oficce 365

23 Março 2020, 08:54

Acesso ao Office 365 / Access to Office 365

22 Março 2020, 18:22

Partilha de vídeos / Video Sharing

21 Março 2020, 11:41

Corpo Docente

Vitor Faria e Sousa



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