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Thematic Project - Feedback form

21 Janeiro 2018, 18:18 José Luís Brinquete Borbinha

We recall the form for project feedback is this one: https://goo.gl/forms/ROuQR4qknpomZSDf2

PLEASE provide your feedback until the end of the day tomorrow, Monday!
Be aware this is mandatory...!!!

FSI Workshop: Location will be in VA4 at ALAMEDA!!!

22 Dezembro 2017, 12:27

Final Case - Peer review

13 Dezembro 2017, 09:45

Final Case - Form to submit the report in Google Forms

12 Dezembro 2017, 19:33

Final Case - Template is published!

12 Dezembro 2017, 09:36

Corpo Docente

José Luís Brinquete Borbinha



Sérgio Luís Proença Duarte Guerreiro