Final Case status...

16 Dezembro 2016, 12:49 José Borbinha

  • Please check the last visible column in our Google Docs Dashboard to check the status of your Final Case delivery. Drop us an email for any relevant issue...
  • The dashboard informs the cases upload in time in Fenix and those received latter on by email (all will be reviewed; in red are shown those not delivered or delivered with issues).
  • IMPORTANT: For those that had not delivered it, as also those believing still can improve what was done yesterday, we accept new submissions by email sent to the two professors until the end of the day of today (grades will "suffer" but we'll review them anyway...).

  • The review will start this weekend, but since this will take a lot of effort, we have no defined date yet for the publication of the grades...

Final Case main concept: "Data Monetization" and not "Monetization"

15 Dezembro 2016, 17:48 José Borbinha

Please be ware the term for the main concept must be "Data Monetization" (as it is in the present template) and not "Monetization" (as it was in the original template)

Final Case IS READY!!!

15 Dezembro 2016, 16:56 José Borbinha

FINAL CASE IS READY:…/20…/1-semestre/final-case

Please consider the template just published! Replace all the original colored text by your answers, and please submit it as a PDF file (IMPORTANT: be sure the final file keeps the original structure, of 4 pages, with the definitions and concepts map in the 1st page).
Good work!!!

Shared folder to access weekly cases

22 Setembro 2016, 10:59 José Borbinha

Please take note of this link for the future, and visit NOW, the shared folder to view the delivered weekly cases:
This means the "Individual groups" can now start their work of this week!!!

From now on, the Group cases delivered will be here upload by the faculty every Thursday, so the Individual groups can do their review work and grade them...
But, VERY IMPORTANT, it also is meant that every student will visit this folder, even if briefly, and browse what colleagues had done! The intention is that every weak we make the best use of this very valuable resource to prepare the following class... After all, we are all the "FSI COMMUNITY", and our main objective is only one: to help each other in LEARNING new interesting stuff !!! :-)

Google docs dashboard for FSI

18 Setembro 2016, 13:28 José Borbinha

We'll use this spreadsheet as the "course dashboard" to record and publish the participation of the students in classes and the grades of the several assessment items.
Please check this file to learn about your group for the first assignment, and visit the section of Weekly Cases to see the details of this assignment. All the details will be provided in the first class tomorrow (SO PLEASE DO NOT MISS THE CLASS!!!)