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2 Janeiro 2018, 11:01 Ramiro Joaquim De Jesus Neves

Marks of test3, 13th december

Thermodynamics Test

9 Novembro 2017, 12:19 Tania Alexandra Dos Santos Costa e Sousa

1) The chapters (Meteorology Today - Donald Ahrens)  that you should study (and that complement the classes) include:

Chapter I (only vertical structure of the atmosphere)
Chapter II (all) 
Chapter III (all except "Air Temperature and Human Confort")  
Chapter IV (all)
Chapter V (all except "Clouds")
Chapter VI (all)

2) You can take a A4 sheet of paper (front and back) with formula, graphics, etc 

Results of the chemistry test

8 Novembro 2017, 16:05 Joao Luis Alves Ferreira da Silva

Results of the chemistry test are posted in the Fénix page under "Test results". Those willing to visualize the tests can do it next Monday,  13th of november from 17.00 to 18.30 or Tuesday, 14th of november from 14.30 to 16.00 in my office (room 11-6.9b) on the 11th floor of the South Tower.

João Silva

Changes on pdf Q6-Global Warming

25 Outubro 2017, 18:22 Joao Luis Alves Ferreira da Silva

Due to incorrections detected in an intermediate expression in slide 9 a new version of Q6 - Global Warming pdf was posted in the platform Fenix. No alterations were necessary in the pdf with solutions for exercises V-VII.

João Silva