Project - Articles

This component means the writing of a small article (4 pages) in the format of conference proceedings where the student discusses one particle physics observable either from the experimental or the theoretical perspective. This work should be done in groups of two (only in expecional cases can be done individually). For each article, specific questions will be asked.

The list of the proposed articles can be found here:

Note that the student(s) can choose any other article apart from those proposed above, but the paper should be validated by one of the professors.

Procedure to select an article:
  • Choose an article from articles.pdf (link above)
  • Check that this article has not been taken by another group in the file Groups.pdf (link above)
  • Send an e-mail to ruben (at) until November 5th indicating,
    • Name and numbers of members in the group
    • Number of article and title (example: article 1.1, "Flavour Conservation in Two Higgs Doublet Models")

Dates and format

Important dates
  • The proposed articles will appear on October 22nd.
  • The article subject should be chosen until November 5th, sending an e-mail to ruben (at), indicating the chosen article, names and IST numbers of the persons in the group.
  • The articles delivery deadline is December 21st. NEW date: January 6th!!
  • The articles should be sent by e-mail in a pdf formart to jorge.romao (at)

  • The article should be written in the format of a scientific paper of no more than 4 pages ( plus one with references).
  • An example of the expected format outcome can be found here.
  • Students can use their prefered editor but for students that want to use LATEX a template is provided (template.tar).

Apart from the standard searches in the web, more information can be found using the following sites:
  • Experiments websites