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Changes to the way the Nuclear Physics course is taught

16 Março 2020, 23:51 Alfred Stadler

During the period when classroom teaching is not possible as precaution against the further spread of COVID-19, the classes will be held through videoconference, using the application "zoom". 

At this time it is not yet completely clear whether the experimental lab classes will have to be replaced by some other form that does not require te student's physical presence. Possible alternatives are currently being discussed, and the most appropriate version will be presented when a replacement has become inevitable.

At the moment only one change of the evaluation scheme appears necessary: it is very unlikely that the test can be held as planned on April 20. As an alternative, the test could be moved to the exam period where the repeat test (recurso do teste) will also be held, at a somewhat later time (the dates will be determined together with the delegado). In case the tests cannot be held in a classroom, a reasonable alternative will have to be found. This is a problem common to all courses, and several proposals are currently being scrutinized. 

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