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Final marks

6 Fevereiro 2019, 19:52 João Pedro Saraiva Bizarro

Dear Students,

Please, find below  your marks for the different components as follows: 1st column, your essya/paper mark on a scale from 0 to 20; 2nd column, this mark revisited taking your presentation/discussion into account; 3rd column, this mark converted to a scale from 0 to 16; 4th column, your exam mark, on a scale from 0 to 4; 5th column, your final mark, corresponding to add up the last two.

81709 Tiago Dias:                  17     17     13.6     3.0     17
91874 Jakub Malczewski:      17     18     14.4    2.25    17
92015 Antonia Frank:             18     18     14.4    3.5      18

All other students will have NA (não avaliado).

Please, feel free to contact me (UNTIL this friday) if you disagree with the above marks.

Best wishes,

João P. S. Bizarro

Exams of previous years

12 Dezembro 2018, 11:37

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João Pedro Saraiva Bizarro