Final grades

14 julho 2021, 15:47 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


In the section grades you can access the final scores of the course. I will submit this to the administrative services of the university next Friday. In case you would like to clarify some aspects or find something incorrect please let me know by email. Despite the challenge, it was very nice to take this road with you along the process of engineering better performing microbial catalysts. 

Have nice summer vacations, 



Partial grades for the course

6 julho 2021, 09:17 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


In the section grades you can find the evaluation concerning reports 1, 5 and the project. I expect to complete the grades of report 4 during this week, max beginning of next week. 



9 junho 2021, 09:22 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira

Minor alteration in practical class schedule for next week

8 maio 2021, 20:09 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


As discussed with your delegates, next week the module lectured by Prof Pedro Monteiro will use the theoretical class schedules as normal, but the practical class that takes place on TUE MORNING will take place on FRI 14 at 5 pm. The other practical class will take place on TUE afternoon, at 3 pm, as normal. Students that are unable to attend the FRI class can attend the TUE afternoon class if they wish.
Prof Pedro will release the links in the webpage of the course, as usual. 

This info is also announced on the webpage of the course,

Have a nice weekend, 

Data for the lab class and KEY DATES and PROJECT ASSIGNMENTS

26 abril 2021, 18:21 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira

as we have talked in class you can fill in the data for your lab 4 in this shared file:

Please don't delete anything!!!

Projects have also been assigned (see projects section). I will add each group to the individual Slack channels and all of you to the general Slack channel. Stay tuned to your email (the one indicated in fenix) for Slack invitations.

As for the dates, we are converging on: 
 - Deadline to deliver the projects - JUN 7th till 5 pm (you can deliver it earlier if you are done!);
 - Presentations will be on JUN 9th; 
 - The tentative dates to deliver the reports of lab 4 are (you are advised to deliver these things earlier!)
groups G1-G4 (class on Apr 19) MAY 10th; groups G5-G8 (class on Apr23) MAY 14th;groups G9-G11 (class on Apr26) MAY 17th;
Let's keep the talking about this,