Tutorial on the GINsim modeling tool - Logical formalism

28 Maio 2015, 14:00 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Tutorial on modelling gene regulatory networks using the GINsim modeling and simulation tool. The phage Lambda model as a case study.

Not Taught.

26 Maio 2015, 15:00 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Modeling gene regulatory networks using PLDE and Logical formalism

26 Maio 2015, 13:30 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Introduction to the Multivalued Logical Formalism. Dynamical properties of the system: attractors. Exercise on model parametrization using Piecewise Linear Differential Equations.

Introduction to gene regulatory networks

25 Maio 2015, 17:00 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Gene regulatory networks. Regulatory networks at different levels (indirect interactions / time-scale hierarchies). Qualitative modeling of regulatory networks using Piecewise Linear Differential Equations. Network properties: bistability / oscillations. Stochastic simulation.

Modeling metabolic networks

19 Maio 2015, 15:00 Susana Vinga

Practical class - problems. MATLAB and web-based applications.