Tutorial on the modeling tool GINsim

27 Maio 2014, 15:00 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Tutorial on modelling gene regulatory networks using the software tool GINsim using the phage Lambda model.

Methods for analysis of logical models of gene regulatory networks

27 Maio 2014, 13:30 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Model parametrization in the Logical Formalism. Dynamical properties of the system: attractors.

Methods for model reduction. Exercises of model parametrization using Piecewise Linear Differential Equations.

Mathematical modeling of gene regulatory networks

26 Maio 2014, 17:00 Pedro Tiago Gonçalves Monteiro

Genetic regulatory networks. Regulatory networks at different levels (indirect interactions / time-scale hierarchies).

Qualitative modeling of regulatory networks using Piecewise Linear Differential Equations and Multivalued Logical formalism.

Network properties: bistability / oscillations. Stochastic simulation.

Modeling Metabolic Networks

20 Maio 2014, 15:00 Susana Vinga

Practical class - problems.

Modeling metabolic networks

20 Maio 2014, 13:30 Susana Vinga

Optimization and simulation of metabolic networks.