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Final grades_Review period

18 julho 2023, 18:07 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


Final grades have now been placed in the section "Grades". All students wishing to discuss aspects concerning the grades and/or the correction of reports and/or projects (all groups have received the corrected and annotated pdf documents) can do it tomorrow, Wed 18, at 2.30 pm, via Zoom (on the usual link). 

I want to congratulate all of you for having successfully concluded the curricular unit. Although i tried not to perturb the workflow of the UC too much, necessarily the events on my personal life post-poned a bit the schedule as i would have liked to give these grades earlier. I am sorry about that. 

I wish you the best and it was a pleasure to have you as students, 

For some of you see u soon in other UCs while for others it is a more definitive good bye, 

Best regards and have a nice summer break,

Poster sessions tomorrow

27 junho 2023, 19:06

Individual challenges

27 junho 2023, 12:46

Report 1

23 junho 2023, 18:34

Delivery of projects

20 junho 2023, 09:42

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