Final grades

19 julho 2022, 16:58 Nuno Gonçalo Pereira Mira


Final grades, taking into account all the components of the evaluation, are now available in the section Grades. Besides a quantitative grade in the case of projects i've also added a qualitative information about the different parameters that were considering while grading. 

I am scheduling an "exam review" for Thu at 10.30. In case you would like to discuss some aspects or get more individual feedback you just need to join HERE. All groups will receive between today and tomorrow the corrected and graded Reports 4A/B and also the corrected project. 

In the end I want to congratulate all students and I hope that in the end you had learned something from this UC as this is actually the really main objective. 

To those that I won't see on THU i wish a very nice summer break, 

It was a pleasure to have you as students, 

See u soon,