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rules for 1st test and repetition of 1st test

22 Abril 2019, 15:49 Viriato Sérgio de Almeida Semião

Rules of assessment tests (1st and repetition of 1st tests) of Equipamentos Térmicos:

1) It is absolutely forbidden the use of any electronic device (mobile phones, tablets, iPads, iPods, etc.) that permits the contact with the exterior or interior of the test room - they must be turned off! The only allowed equipment is a standard pocket calculator without any communication system, and only for the practical part.

2) It is not allowed to share any calculator device or any other element. Tests are individually resolved.

3) Tests have a theoretical part to be done without consulting any element an without using any calculator. The resolution of this part is to be done on the statement itself. Only after giving back this part, the students will receive the statement of the problems part.

4) The problems part should be done in dedicated exam sheets, without consulting any element. Use of a standard pocket calculator without any communication system is allowed. 

5) It is not allowed to leave the room during the test under any circumstance, except to give up (see below, point 6).

6) To give up, students must wait 1h after the test starting. Those students giving up, must write their number and name in a sheet of paper and express the words “I GIVE UP”, leave the room and not come back under any circumstance.

Room for 1st test for late registration

16 Abril 2019, 18:21

Late registration

15 Abril 2019, 08:44

Distribution of students per room for the 1st test

10 Abril 2019, 09:45

Registration for 1st test

2 Abril 2019, 09:05

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