1. Objectives

The second project will consist on a comparison between the theoretical models to describe the performance of flat thermal solar collectors and their real performance.

The web site http://www.estif.org/solarkeymarknew/index.php has information about the certified comercial products available in Europe. There, it is possible to find a list of certified products. The list provides the certification data and also has links to the commercial web pages of the manufacturers/suppliers

2. Tasks

The students are intended to:

  1. choose a flat thermal solar panel with available technical design data (check the suppliers websites); if you can't find it warn me.
  2. evaluate the theoretical collector parameters, based on design data: F'; UL; eta_0, a and b from the efficiency curve; stagnation temperature; effective thermal capacity; IAM for 10º, 20º, 30º, 40º 50º and 60º
  3. compare the calculated parameters with the certification ones; compare the efficiency curves (plot)
  4. suggest an improvement to the analysed solar panel and calculate its impact on the theoretical collector parameters
  5. write a report with a description of the work done, the results obtained and pertinent comments.
  • due date: 07/12/2018
Note: data on the cover glasses are often not mentioned by the manufacturers, so, if is that the case you may use this data.


  • use the ambient temperature and the mass flow rate that was used in the testing of the panel you selected
  • if you calculate UL for several temperatures you may find efficiency points that can be used to fit a parabolic efficiency curve