Final grades

3 fevereiro 2020, 12:33 Miguel Matos

The final grades are now availaible in the Grades section

"Revisão de provas" for the second exam will take place on Tuesday, February 4, at 14:00 at INESC-ID, room 607.

2nd Exam registration

29 janeiro 2020, 11:45 Miguel Matos

The registration for the second exam is now open.

The 1st Exam is also available under the Exams section.

Good studies!

1st exam grades

15 janeiro 2020, 18:29 Miguel Matos

The grades for the first exam are now available under the grades section.
"Revisão de provas" will take place on Monday, January 20, 14:30 at 2N3.15 in TagusPark.

Project grades

23 dezembro 2019, 12:49 Daniel Filipe Salvador de Castro

The 2nd stage and final grade of the project is available in section "Grades".

1st Exam registration

23 dezembro 2019, 12:37 Miguel Matos

The registration for the 1st exam is now open.

Happy holidays and good studies!