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Experimental data collected during the laboratory works

9 Maio 2019, 21:19 João Carlos de Campos Henriques

Dear students,

The experimental data collected by all groups during the laboratory works are available at the course web page in sub-section "Lab results from all groups" of the section "Laboratory".

Due to videos, the size of the files is as follow:
  • WE_Group4.zip (291 Mb)
  • WE_Group7.zip (351 Mb)
  • WE_Group8.zip (243 Mb)
  • WE_Group10.zip (251 Mb)
  • WE_Group11.zip (243 Mb)
  • WE_Group12.zip (244 Mb)
  • WE_Group13.zip (281 Mb)
During the weekend I will send an e-mail with further information regarding the laboratory works.

Best regards,
João Henriques


8 Maio 2019, 12:59

Laboratory works

24 Abril 2019, 17:45

Test 2 will take place on 30th April 2019, at 18h00, in room C9.

24 Abril 2019, 13:45

Written tests/examinations on Wave Energy/Energia das Ondas

4 Abril 2019, 10:46

Corpo Docente

Luís Gato



Ângelo Palos Teixeira

António Franco de Oliveira Falcão

Duarte Pedro Mata de Oliveira Valério

João Carlos de Campos Henriques

José Manuel Dias Ferreira de Jesus