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[E2+Final]: Grades

30 Janeiro 2020, 12:45 Rui Castro

The grades of E2 are now available in section ‘Assessment’, as well as the key. 

Also, the final EMEn course grade is displayed in the pdf. All students are kindly requested to verify their grades and report any mismatch.
E2 will be available for students to look up on Monday, February 3rd, 10:30 a.m., at the library of Energy Section (Electricity Building).
The grades have been adjusted so that to obtain round grades. The grades that were rounded are gray highlighted in the pdf. If, during the exams lookup, the grades are changed, the baseline is the grade initially given and not the rounded grade.
In Q#1, point#1, the pdf displays the number of right answers. No penalization was given to wrong answers. The grade for each right answer was 1/7=14.286%.

[E2]: distribution per classroom

26 Janeiro 2020, 17:23

[E1]: Results

11 Janeiro 2020, 17:20

[E1]: distribution per classroom

6 Janeiro 2020, 16:25

[E#1]: General Information

14 Dezembro 2019, 19:27

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