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An EITT Experience with Celso the creator of SAPO and a lot more

17 outubro 2017, 08:31 José Epifânio da Franca

Good morning!

Tomorrow, Wednesday October 18th, at 12h30 in Room EA2,  we will have yet another very exciting EITT experience brought to us by Celso Martinho

Celso Martinho is a challenge-driven, optimistic geek technologist, product guy, and entrepreneurial soul, eventually thrown into a management career. Founder of SAPO back in 1995, the leading internet project in Portugal, where he worked for 21 years, later as part of Portugal Telecom where he contributed to the telco innovation roadmap in areas such as Mobile, IPTV, Cloud and E-Payments.

Now CEO and founder of Bright Pixel, a software studio, home to a team of industry experts with vast experience in using technology and creativity to create world-class products and services in a diverse environment of fields ranging from web development, security, e-payments and big-data technologies to interface design and usability. Bright Pixel works with corporate partners on their digital transformation agendas at the Labs, helps startups and early-stage entrepreneurs in its incubation program, and invests through its balance and funds.

An entrepreneur like no other Celso has a combined background in top-level management, software project management, systems architecture and technical product development, and several decades of experience in the telecom and internet industries.

There are so many things you can learn from Celso and so many things you can ask Celso for your on-going EITT project that I can not even imagine you to miss this one!!!!

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