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Power Electronics for Electrical Energy - Electrónica de Energia

15 setembro 2020, 11:45 José Fernando Alves da Silva

  • Power Electronics for Electrical Energy (Electrónica de Energia) Classes will start next Monday 21 September 11h-12h30 room EA3.

  • This class will be used for presentation, objectives, program, texts, grading, introduction,...
  • Students are encouraged to bring in a smartphone, or tablet or laptop to all theoretical, practical and lab classes
  • Due to COVID-19 students will register in each class via google-forms. Student capacity of EA3 is 18 students, while EA1 (wed 11h-12h30) is 30.
  • Practical (exercises) classes will be tailored so that students can attend roughly 50% of the classes (E3 capacity is 25 students)
  • All theoretical and exercises classes will have a Zoom link for remote attendance (see 1º Semestre 2020/2021 on the left menu).
  • Laboratory classes will have groups of four students. In each lab only one student will be present in the lab, the student being responsible to set-up a zoom meeting or another form of sending the results to the remaining 3 students of the group
  • Students will be informed about Lab security and working rules.

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José Fernando Alves da Silva



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