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LCC & VSC in HVDC (next 25/11/2020, 11h)

17 novembro 2020, 12:20 José Fernando Alves da Silva

The Wednesday theoretical class of next week (25/11,  11h) will be replaced by the seminar/talk:

(Line Commuted Current and Voltage Source Converters in High Voltage DC power transmission)

By Joel Pereira (HVDC Commissioning Manager in VSC and LCC projects)

As usual in theoretical classes a google quiz will follow about the talk subjects.

1st test and students with Pedagogic Council permit to attend the test remotely

16 novembro 2020, 16:09

1st EEner test is scheduled for 16/11/2020 in person from 20h00 to 21h30, rooms F3, F4.

13 novembro 2020, 15:04

A pandemia e a avaliação em EEner (Pandemics and the evaluation in Power Electronics for Electrical Energy)

11 novembro 2020, 09:52

A Pandemia e o 1º teste de EEner (Pandemics and 1st test of Power Electronics for Electrical Energy)

8 novembro 2020, 11:19

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