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1st Exam Registration; 2nd Test in the 1st exam enrollment (Inscrições para 1º exame e 2nd test na data do 1º exame)

9 janeiro 2021, 09:51 José Fernando Alves da Silva

Due to the news of today 9 Jan 2021, a general COVID19 lockdown is possible. Therefore, every student wishing to do the 1st exam must subscribe/apply/enroll/register in the  Fénix site of EEner. Subscription/registration is open from today 10:00h up to 11 Jan 23:59mim.

Students having not done the 2nd test in the due date, and wishing to do it in the 1st exam date, must send an e-mail to prof. Fernando Silva up to 11 Jan 23:59mim. 2nd tests from students not e-mail registered will not be graded.

Provisional Grades

8 janeiro 2021, 14:51

Students without a grade on the 2nd test

6 janeiro 2021, 18:12

2nd Test Grades

4 janeiro 2021, 09:35

2nd TEST

15 dezembro 2020, 18:49

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José Fernando Alves da Silva



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