Project grades

18 Fevereiro 2021, 13:17 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, the project grades are published on the grades section.

Grades are given according to the project instructions.

Schedule for presentations 16/12

12 Dezembro 2020, 08:48 Joana Mendonça

Dear all,
This is the schedule for next week's presentation:

Group 10 - Unlock the Night
Group 5 : Spaceship Lockdown
Group 9 - Isolation Thief
Group 1- Take me away
Group 3- Survivors
Group 4- Lab Run

Group 12 - Noah's Nightmare
Group 11 - Atypical morning
Group 7- Wild Survival
Group 8- Burden
Group 2 - Maze Warriors: Earth
Group 6-The Meowssenger

Presentations will be on the zoom link for the joined classes. 
In the afternoon there will be no classes after the presentations.

Final Presentations

9 Dezembro 2020, 10:28 Joana Mendonça

Dear all,
next Wednesday you will present your projects starting at 10 am in zoom.
Each group will have 10 minutes to present + 5 minutes discussion. 
I recommend a maximum of 15 slides.
I expect you to follow the points on the report (already given).

Criteria evaluation for the presentations: 
1- clarity in the slides and in the presentation; 
2- information gathered; 
3- assumptions made; 
4- content and analysis
4- References used; 
5- group work; 

You can select one person to present, 2 or all. I leave it to you. Grades for the presentation will be given equally to all the members, unless you are unable to respond to questions posed.

Scheduling the final presentations for December 16th

6 Dezembro 2020, 17:26 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, in order to have a schedule compatible with the games  colleagues, I'm trying to organize all the presentations in the morning of the 16th.Please write your availability on the following  form:
Please write only  1 answer per group.

Topic for week 12

6 Dezembro 2020, 17:18 Joana Mendonça

Dear all, I leave you the topics for this week with some videos (the class material is already online)


Cost- Benefit Analysis

Cost Effectiveness

Non-economic attributes in Project selection and Weight attribution for selection of alternatives