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Final classifications (página da disciplina)

8 maio 2023, 09:40 Joaquim Jorge Da Costa Paulino Pereira

The final classifications are presented at the page of the subject (página da disciplina), where are already included all the marks ( theoretical examinations - 4 questions); and all the marks of the reports (4 reports)

If someone wishes to have more detailed information about the final composition of their  marks (per question and of the practical report) please send me an e-mail  

session of doubts before the examination -- 21th April 2022 (friday) from 16.00 h to 17.00 h, Room V1.07

11 abril 2023, 16:13

examination of last year ----------- note that last year Prof Isabel Loupa Ramos did not make any question. This year she will have a question as well

10 abril 2023, 15:41

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27 fevereiro 2023, 18:28

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