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Final classifications (Página da disciplina)

7 maio 2022, 12:34 Joaquim Jorge Da Costa Paulino Pereira

The final classifications are presented at the page of the subject, where are already included all the marks ( theoretical examinations - 4 questions; and,,mark of the reports - 3 reports

If someone wishes to have more detailed information about the final composition of their  marks (per question and of the practical report) please send me an e-mail   

Horário para esclarecimento de dúvidas (Prof. Jorge B. Silva)

20 abril 2022, 17:04

Session of doubts before the first date of the examination

19 abril 2022, 18:32

some bibliography on isochrone maps

18 abril 2022, 13:00

tese com isócronas calculadas

12 abril 2022, 18:48

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