Final Grades OWE 1S 2015-16

1 Fevereiro 2016, 09:44 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

The final grades of the OWE 1S 2015-16 course are published on the course page. The review of the resit of the first test can be made on Wednesday, 03/02 at 17:00 in the meeting room of the Pav. Mecânica IV. Any error detected in the final grades must be reported to the course coordinator.

Falcão de Campos 

Schedule Discussions 2nd Period

27 Janeiro 2016, 12:20 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

Thursday 28/1. 

16:00 Alejandro Gil Assignment 1 and 2
16:40: Michele Barbuscia Assignment 1 and 2 
17:20: Group Alejandro Gil, Michele Barbuscia  Imke Hebbeln: Project 3 
18:00: Imke Hebbeln: Assignment 1. 
18:20: Asif Zubair Assignment 1 
18:40 Bhargav Ravindranath Assignment 1.
 Friday 29/1: 
16:00 Miguel Salvado Assignment 1 
16:20 João Silva Assignment 2 
16:40 Group Miguel Salvado, João Silva, David Correia Project 3. 
17:20 Group Asif Zubair, Bhargav Ravindranath: Project 3

Schedule Presentations 1st Period

13 Janeiro 2016, 18:06 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

Group 1: Asif Zubair, Bhargav Ravindranath, Pankaj Arora: Friday 15/1 at 10:00 in the meeting room of Pav. Mecânica IV.

Falcão de Campos

Final Evaluation of Offshore Wind Energy

23 Dezembro 2015, 17:34 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

The final evaluation of Offshore Wind Energy (OFW) will be completed as follows:

1. Normal examination period (4th to 18th January): 
Delivery date Final Project: 11th January.
Discussions: 13th to 15th January.
2. Recovery examination period (25th January to 1st February):
Delivery date: 1st Assignment, 2nd Assignment, Final Project: 25th January.
Discussions: 27th to 29th January.
Tests: 29th January 09:00-12:00. Room C10

Grades Test 1 22-10-2015

6 Novembro 2015, 15:03 José Alberto Caiado Falcão de Campos

The grades of the test 1 of October 22nd of Offshore Wind Energy can be viewed in the course page under Evaluation. Revision of the test may be done on Tuesday, Nov. 10th at 11:00 am in my office (2nd floor of Pav. Mecânica IV Ext.1412)

Falcão de Campos