picoVersat git repository: you are encouraged to clone or fork this repositoriy and submit fixes/improvements using the Pull Request mechanism. Please note that its status is WIP, so if you are not willing to submit contributions consider at least filing Issues.

Debian Linux OS on virtual machine or bare metal is recommended.

You'll need the following tools:Icarus Verilog simulator (get stable version 1.2 by, for example, cloning the github repo and checking out version 1.2), gtkwave waveform visualizer.

For that you will need to install git (you can't survive without) and a decent editor such as emacs(preferred) or vim (for true geeks).

Digilent's Basys 2 reference manual: please read carefully to know the FPGA board capabilities.

The LE1 lab is equipped with lubuntu VMs to be used with the Icarus Verilog simulator, running on Windows 7 workstations used to program the FPGAs by means of the Xilinx ISE 14.2 FPGA development kit. Last version 14.7 (before being discontinued) can be downloaded from here and used to work at home. 

An introductory FPGA lab assignment has been given in the Electronics II course and can be downloaded here for your convenience. Pay special attention to file xil_instr.txt contained in the zip package.