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BEM Assignment

16 Março 2021, 12:55 João Baltazar

Dear students

For the BEM assignment, please send an email to João Baltazar ( joao.baltazar@tecnico.ulisboa.pt ) asking for a project number. In this email you must mention the course you are taking, and your student number.  

The deadline for handing-in the assignment is April 1st. Please send the final report (pdf, max 20 pages), presentation (15 minutes) and excel sheets/codes to both joao.baltazar@tecnico.ulisboa.pt and ricardosantospereira@tecnico.ulisboa.pt

The geometry and performance data of the airfoils necessary for the BEM assignment are available here on Fenix under the tab 'Foils'.

João Baltazar

BEM Assignment

16 Março 2021, 12:54

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