Welcome to the Marine Current and Tidal Energy Course

3 Março 2021, 18:30 João Carlos de Campos Henriques

Dear students,

Welcome to the Marine  Current and Tidal Energy Course!

In such a different, socially distant context triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, online communication becomes even more important. So please pay attention to the announcements on the Fenix page, this will be important throughout the course.

A couple of important points:
- During this semester the lectures will be online. For theoretical and practical lectures.
- We will use the zoom platform for the lectures. The links for each lecture will be made available in the Fenix announcements.
- The course calendar and planning is available on Fenix, under the tab Sections > Course Planning
- If you have questions or issues you may reach me via email: joaochenriques@tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Wishing you good luck, and looking forward to seeing you tomorrow
João Carlos de Campos Henriques