Publicação de Notas

3 Fevereiro 2020, 20:35 Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

Final grades after the exam

Publicação de Notas

27 Janeiro 2020, 12:11 Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

Grades before last exam

Publicação de Notas

20 Dezembro 2019, 16:29 Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

The grades after the test and work 1 and 2. Please the following students must assure the enroll in this course: 95331 and 95338

Built Environment Impact Lectures will begin tomorrow (19/98/2019) at 8:00.

18 Setembro 2019, 19:00 Manuel Duarte Pinheiro

Dear Students

 I would like to welcome you to the Built Environment Impact discipline. 
The classes will start tomorrow (19/09/2019) at 8:00. 
With my best regards Manuel Duarte Pinheiro