Dear Students

It is available in the fenix the proposal of the orders of presentation of the work 2 (section work 2 presentation).
Ground rules for presentation:
1. All powerpoint must be in English;
2. Each group has 20 to 25 minutes for the presentation and then there will be a discussion of about 15 minutes with the teachers (40 minutes for group in total);
3. All presentations (and proofs) must be sent by email or delivered until the beginning of the presentation class on 12/15/2016, that is until 8:30;
4. The group that is doing the work in Timor will be subdivided into two. The subdivision proposal should be sent by email to the teachers with the names and student numbers that present as group 2 and group 3;
5. Each group will make the presentation with one of the computers of the elements of the group;6. Changes of order will be allowed if the groups agree to change the order. This indication should be sent before until the previous day of the presentation.
Good work
Manuel Pinheiro and Ana Galvão