Experimental Classes

30 dezembro 2021, 19:57 Ana Margarida Pereira de Melo

First experimental class: "Using molecular visualization to correlate protein structure and function". 
It will have 1:30h and we will use Pymol. Instructions for download and install the free Educational version of PyMOL are now available at "Experimental Classes". Please install the software before the class.

Students at Tagus: 
Wednesday 12 Jan – 2pm-3:30pm. Room 0.23 at TagusPark. 
Please bring at least one computer per group.
Students at Alameda:
Thursday 13Jan - 8am-9:30am at  Alameda. LTI Room 6, 5th floor, South Tower
Thursday 13Jan - 9:30am-11am at Alameda. LTI Room 6, 5th floor, South Tower
Students from Alameda could also take their own computers. 

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th experimental classes will be at Alameda Campus for all students (including Tagus).
Shift Wednesday 14h-17h: for students of Tagus.
Shift Thursday 8h-11h: for students of Alameda
Shift Friday 10h-13h: for students of Alameda.
These classes will take place in the Lab   01-6.7a (South Tower, floor -1).

Ana Melo

Biomolecular Engineering Course - 1st Class 29.11

26 novembro 2021, 23:05 Ana Margarida Pereira de Melo

Welcome to the Biomolecular Engineering Course.

Classes will start next Monday (November 29th) at 9 am with the course presentation/organization and the first theoretical class. 

The first class will run in two systems:
• Students at Alameda Campus: in-person in Room EA4 (Alameda)
• Students at Tagus Park : remotely by zoom (link:

Looking forward to starting the course,

Ana Melo