Week 9, Apr 25-May 1: Final Lessons Learned Training

23 Maio 2016, 17:00 Luis Caldas de Oliveira

  • Final lessons learned presentation guidelines
    • Team Name with initial idea and size of the opportunity
    • Team members – name, background, expertise, and role on the team
    • "Here was our original idea" — Version 1 of Business Model Canvas
    • "So here’s what we did…"
    • "So here’s what we found (reality), so then…"
    • At least three iterations of Business Model Canvases
    • "So here’s where we ended up."
    • What did you learn?
    • Do you think this is a viable business?
    • Do you want to continue to pursue it?
    • Appendix (every iteration of Business Model Canvas)
  • Video storyboard