Course Organization

Week 1: Course presentation. Lecture on business model canvas, customer discovery and opportunity assessment.

Week 2: Q&A about business model canvas and customer discovery. Team presents canvas hypotheses. Lecture about value proposition.

Week 3: Product-market fit: value proposition. Q&A value proposition. Team presents value proposition findings. Lecture about customer segments.

Week4: Product-market fit: customer segments. Q&A about customer segments findings. Team presents customer segments findings. Lecture about channels.

Week 5: Channels. Q&A about channel customer discovery. Team presents channel findings. Lecture about customer relationships.

Week 6: Customer relationships, get-keep-grow. Q&A about customer relationships. Team presents customer relationship findings. Lecture about revenue models.

Week 7: Revenue Streams. Unit economics. Payment low diagram. Q&A about revenue model. Team presents revenue model findings. Lecture about partners.

Week 8: Partners. Q&A about partners. Partner ecosystem map. Partner type hypotheses. Team presents activities findings. Lecture about resources, activities and cost.

Week 9: Resources, activities and costs. Metrics that matter. Q&A about resources, activities and cost. Team presents resources, activities and cost structure findings. Lecture about final lessons learned presentation.

Week 10: Final lessons learned presentations. Team presents a 3 minute video and a 10 minute presentation lessons learned findings. Teaching team final advice.