Presentation #1

3 Outubro 2022, 12:16 Miguel Marques

What is required in your weekly presentations (following our Syllabus)

  • Detailed presentation (up to 10 slides / up to 10 minutes) of what the team did each week.
  • Capacity to follow the assigned topics to be covered each week as outlined in the syllabus.
  • Capacity to perform around 10 interviews with different stakeholders every week.
  • Use of robust and relevant secondary and primary data.
  • Quality of presentation.
  • Team dynamics and engagement.
  • Critical thinking and capacity to discuss the topics, and defend the key arguments/premises. 

Please, do not forget that your project should be Evidence-based entrepreneurship (not “faith-based”) 

  • Students need to “get out of the building” 
  • Time management: intense and fast 
  • Community: every class member must actively comment the other teams 

Teams should upload their slides in Fenix the day before the presentation’s date (until 23:00h)


(around one minute per slide)

  1. Cover slide with number of interviews performed during the week/total number of interviews
  2. WHY - Identify and Discuss the key problem/challenge/need/concept
  3. WHAT - Hypotheses about potential solutions and expected impact
  4. WHO - Identify the market type and market size
  5. HOW – Operationalization. Resources and Processes needed
  6. Propose experiments to test points 2 to 5 above

Note: If you need you can use more than one slide for each point, as long as the total is up to 10 slides.

Suggested Materials

Death by Demo 1

Death by Demo 2

Death by Powerpoint

Understanding the problem

Attention to Outliers

Market types 1 [8min video]

Market Types 2 [5min read]