Office hours

4 Outubro 2022, 23:34 Miguel Marques

Dear students,
The office hours for this semester will be:

  1. Thursdays, from 17:00 to 18:00
  2. Fridays, from 14:00 to 15:00
All appointments should be made at least 12 hours in advance, via email to miguel.g.marques (at) and diogoagoncalves (at)

By default
, these appointments will occur via zoom. Friday slots may be held in person upon request from the students, together with the scheduling email.

Presentation #1

3 Outubro 2022, 12:16 Miguel Marques

What is required in your weekly presentations (following our Syllabus)

  • Detailed presentation (up to 10 slides / up to 10 minutes) of what the team did each week.
  • Capacity to follow the assigned topics to be covered each week as outlined in the syllabus.
  • Capacity to perform around 10 interviews with different stakeholders every week.
  • Use of robust and relevant secondary and primary data.
  • Quality of presentation.
  • Team dynamics and engagement.
  • Critical thinking and capacity to discuss the topics, and defend the key arguments/premises. 

Please, do not forget that your project should be Evidence-based entrepreneurship (not “faith-based”) 

  • Students need to “get out of the building” 
  • Time management: intense and fast 
  • Community: every class member must actively comment the other teams 

Teams should upload their slides in Fenix the day before the presentation’s date (until 23:00h)


(around one minute per slide)

  1. Cover slide with number of interviews performed during the week/total number of interviews
  2. WHY - Identify and Discuss the key problem/challenge/need/concept
  3. WHAT - Hypotheses about potential solutions and expected impact
  4. WHO - Identify the market type and market size
  5. HOW – Operationalization. Resources and Processes needed
  6. Propose experiments to test points 2 to 5 above

Note: If you need you can use more than one slide for each point, as long as the total is up to 10 slides.

Suggested Materials

Death by Demo 1

Death by Demo 2

Death by Powerpoint

Understanding the problem

Attention to Outliers

Market types 1 [8min video]

Market Types 2 [5min read]

Group Formation dashboard

29 Setembro 2022, 01:22 Miguel Marques

Dear students,

Following the previous announcement, you can find the current form submissions here.

If you haven't yet, you have until 29/09 (today!) to fill in the form.

Kind regards,

Miguel | Diogo | Miguel

Change in practical shifts schedule and Group formation

26 Setembro 2022, 21:36 Miguel Marques

Dear students,
Please read below important information, requiring urgent action from your side.

Practical Shifts

The TBE course has currently two practical shifts in fénix, one on Tuesday (P3: 10:00 - 12:30 / P4: 8:30 - 11:00)  and one on Friday (10:30 - 13:00), after the theoretical class (9:30 - 10:30).
Since the majority of the practical classes will be destined to group presentations and feedback, and given that:
  1. There are only 10 students enrolled in the Tuesday shift;
  2. There will be a comfortable number of groups for a single shift;
  3. Groups are expected to provide feedback and ask questions to each other.
We aim to have all the students enrolled on Friday's practical shift - as discussed also in the class, last Friday.

With that in mind, we kindly request the students of the Tuesday shift to reply to the email sent earlier today, before 29/09, stating whether you have any impediment in attending the practical shift on Friday.
Bear in mind that attendance to group presentations is mandatory for the completion of the course.

In the absence of any registered impediments, the Tuesday shift will be closed and the TBE schedule will be updated to have exclusively the theoretical and practical classes on Friday, at their original times.

Group Formation

Following last Friday's discussion in class, student groups should be formed as soon as possible, in order to allow the teams to start working on their projects right away.
As such, we kindly request that you submit your groups through the form below:

Group Formation & Submission Rules:

  1. Only one submission per (partial) group is necessary, containing the information of all the composing elements
  2. Each group should have exactly 5 elements
    • Depending on the logistic demands of the groups, this number might be adjusted to 4 or 6 in specific groups
  3. If you do not have a (complete) group, you are still expected to fill in this form and proactively find a group by Friday.
  4. The deadline to fill in the form is Thursday, 29/09.

As stated in class, the course will be fast-paced and, therefore, the sooner you have your groups formed, the better you can manage your workload.

If you did not attend the class on Friday:

The theme of the course is Social Innovation - "Developing goods and/or services to address the needs of vulnerable individuals and communities in the world.", and The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will be used as a starting framework in this context.
To find your group, you should get acquainted with SDGs and pick the top 3 to which you would feel the most compelled to contribute with your course project.

Then you should attempt to assemble your group with elements that:
  1. Share the same SDG interests as you;
  2. Have competencies to exploit the opportunities within that SDG that are complementary to yours;
  3. Enable your group to have as much of a multidisciplinary background as possible.
You can find more information on SDGs here (overview & explanation) and here (SDG report 2022).

Kind Regards,

Miguel | Diogo | Miguel