PPT + Video Delivery

11 Junho 2022, 13:03 Miguel Amaral

Dear students,

Last week I had a conversation with Inês (the students representative) and I decided to postpone the delivery of the video + the 20 slides + the slides for the final pitch to next June 19th until the end of the day. This way you will have plenty of time to prepare everything.

Video: up to 3 minutes. The idea is to prepare a sort of comercial or teaser for your product. You can use role playing, storytelling, infographics, animations, text, pictures, diagrams, charts, etc. IT is very flexible - you can choose the narrative and the approaches that you may find most suitable and atractive to explain your project/product. You may use a simple smartphone to film and edit the video - specific technical skills on video making are not required, it is just a simple video.

20 Slides: this works as a final report (but in PPT). You should explain your project the best way possible, based on the work you developed during the semester. Use footnotes whenever you want/need to include additional detail on the topics you are describing in the slides. Explain all your assumptions and use all the evidence you collected and organize it according with the building blocks of the Business Model Canvas (just follow our program).

Pitch Slides: You will have to do a 10 minutes final presentation (and it will be difficult to use the 20 slides detailed report); therefore, you should prepare a normal pitch with around 10 slides  (for 10 minutes) to summarise your project.

Please complement all this with the information available in the Syllabus.